Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sharing Work Spaces

Our basement is divided into two spaces. The other side is the finished space with carpet, furniture, shelving, and a tv. My work space is in the unfinished part. I have been working on my soap kitchen for the past few days and I thought I would share my progress. Above it is what you see when you walk into this part of the basement. To the left is a long table which holds my hot plates, wax, and all the things I need to make candles.

 Here is the "room" to the right. The counter top and sink were donated. We paid for the lumber and the labor to install them. We also had to purchase the faucet, which reaches all 3 bins! I had shelves installed above the counter just to hold my fragrances and essential oils. I wanted it only "one bottle" deep so I could easily find the oil I wanted. My soft oils and other ingredients are on the shelves. Under the sink are my 50 pound tubs of coconut and palm oil.
 I wanted a dishwasher so we install the least expensive one! It turns on, you can control the on/off heat and light/regular load. That's it, and that's all I needed. Our handyman made a box for the dishwasher and some shelves for "stuff". It's bare plywood which I would like to paint this spring/summer. The brown box in the corner is our furnace. As I said, this is a very rustic kitchen, but when you are slapping soap around and tossing candle wax, rustic is the best!
 At the end of the counter is a microwave which I use to melt butters, and oils. I also have my ipad stereo on top of the microwave. I have to blast music when I soap! My husband surprised me with some rubber mats last night. They are much more comfy to stand on than the thin rug I had down before!

I just love my sink! It was filthy when I got it and had paint splattered on parts. It has lots of love dents all over it, but it works perfect! I use the left side to wash my pots and pans in, and the middle is where I cool my lye. The right side is for draining items that don't go in the dishwasher.

Thanks for reading! I would love for you to share your workspace too! Leave a comment, and a link, so we can all share.


Ladybuggz said...

Very nice set up. We have mats like that at work. They're not as cushy as a fatigue mat, but much better than standing on a concrete floor for hours.

Sesenarts said...

I love your workspace. So tidy! And that sink is to die/dye for. x Julie