Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring in spite of the snow!

In spite of all the snow we have had this Spring, I have been working on Spring and Summer soaps!
One of my favorite scents is Nantucket Briar. I think it was one of my first scents I soaped with, and it soon became one of my favorite! I think I am going to call it Summer Fling. It turned out looking like a patriotic soap even though I planned for the blue to be more like a teal. It still smells amazing!
This bar (above) is scented with China Rain, which is a nice clean scents with a touch of floral.
I did a deep water discount and the soap batter became really, really, thick! I just plopped it all into the mold and crossed my fingers!

April 1st is also my puppy's birthday. Scout is now 11 years old! I can't believe it!
Here she is a few years ago. :)


Anne-Marie said...

I am so excited about making spring and summer soaps too, and yours are beautiful! Love the bar scented with China Rain. Happy birthday to your pup too!

Elizabeth Lemp said...

Thanks, Anne-Marie!