Saturday, April 6, 2013

New Growth

For the past 10 years I have been winter sowing my flowers and veggies. I learned about this method at I was hooked the first year and have been winter sowing since. I even winter sowed a Hosta, just to see if I could!
The method is very easy and inexpensive. It does take patience since most start their seeds outdoors in December and January. I was late starting this year, and since we had a very late Spring, I was VERY lucky we had nice chilly weather!
I made a video of the process. All you need is: small containers, potting soil, duct tape, perm marker, seeds, straws (or sticks), and plastic bags.

I have many sprouts already! Most of these were buried under 12 inches of snow not too long ago!

The top plant are Zebra Tomatoes and the bottom are red Zinnia's.

Above are pictures of some past winter sowed flowers. My favorite are the Bells of Ireland in the middle of the bottom picture.

I will show progress pictures in the next week or so. My sunflowers are already 2 inches tall!

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