Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Making and Pouring Pumpkin Soy Wax Candle

 I have been yearning to start on my fall candles for a few weeks now. Now that I found some time, I made  Pumpkin Spice Soy Wax Candles with a pumpkin embed!
Here is how my wax looked before melting. The wax comes in flakes, which made it easy measure.
 Before the wax is melted, I attached my wicks. I used cotton wicks that come with a safety tab on the bottom. The tab won't allow the candle to burn down to the very bottom and burn your table, or worse, start a fire!
 I used a glue gun to attach the wicks and a pop cycle stick to reach down and tap the wick down.
 I poured off some wax and colored it bright orange. I didn't scent this wax.
I used this wax to make my pumpkins. I used a pumpkin ice mold from the dollar store.
 I colored the rest of the wax a lighter orange. and added Pumpkin Spice fragrance oil from Brambleberry.Com.
 I popped the pumpkins out of the mold. I "lost" some tops, so had to remelt a few. They came out a little "rustic" looking, but they sure are cute!
 The wax is cooling. The color looked really dark, but since soy wax is white, the colors come out muted.
 For this wax I heated up the wax to 180 degrees, added the scent at 160 degrees, and poured at about 120 - 125 degrees.
I heated my containers with a heat gun to prevent the wax from pulling away from the glass.
 Here they are all poured. I used pop cycle sticks to center the wick.
 To make the topping, I melted some pillar wax and whipped it with a mixer until it was light and fluffy. I popped the pumpkin on right after the wax was plopped on. The wax cools fast!

All finished!

All ready for the Fall!


Anne-Marie said...

Oh, these turned out so cute! I super love the pumpkin and 'frosting' on top!

ABreathOfFrenchAir said...

Thanks, Anne Marie! The fragrance is from BB and is my number 1 best seller.