Friday, March 2, 2012

Summer Sugar Scrubs

I haven't make sugar scrub in ages and now is a great time to get our legs and feet ready for the summer!

Today I made Mango Papaya (orange) and Jamaica Me Crazy (green) In the first two pictures I have already melted the butters and oils, and added color and preservatives.

Here is am mixing the oils with a hand mixer. It's best to cool the mixture before mixing or you will be mixing forever. Ask me how I know!

You can see that the mixture is getting thicker and the color has muted some.

I have just added the sugar. I took a quick picture and then mixed and poured quickly.

Here is the final product of my Mango Papaya (the pictures of the Jamaica Me Crazy did not turn out)

I added poppy seeds to the mixture and sprinkled some on top for visual appeal.
I let the mixture set over night. You can see the difference between this picture and the one below. If I held this container upside down, the scrub would drop out. After sitting for a few hours, you can hold the jar upside down and shake it, and the scrub will not move!

Here is the Peach sugar scrub I made the other day. It smells delicious!

To use: Scoop out a small amount of scrub. I prefer to use a spoon to keep water, and germs, out. Scrub lightly and rinse off. Pat your skin dry. Easy peasy!

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Anne-Marie said...

Incredible sugar scrubs! Just looking at how delectable they are makes me excited for summer!