Monday, February 27, 2012

Chatting about my new soap cutter!

I have been working on downloading videos on my blog, but they never seem to appear. I decided to try one more time and it least so far! :/

I finally purchased what soap makers affectionately call "the tank". It's a professional soap cutter and each and every soap slice is the same height, width, and most importantly, the same weight!

In this video I am cutting my carrot cake soap, which is one of my most popular soaps. It discolors to a dark brown (vanilla scents tend to darken to a dark chocolate brown) so I left some unscented soap out of the batch and colored it a bright orange.

This soap will be available soon at:

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Ludmilla said...

Beautiful blog, and your work space is so nicely organized! Again, thanks for including me in your lovely treasury today!