Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Too Early For Halloween?

I know it is early for Halloween, but when you make soap, you have to plan WELL in advance!
 Soap needs several weeks to cure, if not longer, so planning ahead is needed to keep up with the demands and to be ready for a holiday. Above, and below, is a picture of my Boo Berry soap. It is scented with Blackberry Fizz, which is a very nice deep berry scent.
I wanted this soap to be for Halloween, but I wanted it to be more versatile. I added purple paper and a black spider to the package. After Halloween I can simply replace the wrapper not associated with Halloween.
I think they turned out cute! I will bring a few into the shop and the rest will be sold on Etsy and other outside shops I sell at.

Candle sales are starting to pick up. The top one is scented with pumpkin spice and the bottom is carrot cake. I wanted the topping to look like cake, but I'm afraid it might look like puke! What do you think? It smells awesome!


Anne-Marie said...

Cute cute cute! It's good to stay on top of it when making soap. Great idea to keep your soap neutral and just change the packaging! =)

ABreathOfFrenchAir said...

Thanks, Anne- Marie! I know Halloween is not a big soap purchasing holiday, although I have sold quite a few of my orange "lemon poppy seed" cupcakes which is scent with one of my favorite fragrance oils from your company!

hetoepfer82 said...

I love those soap! They are very cute looking and they probably smell really cute too!