Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's Spring time in St. Louis

 My Zinnia's have come up and they look strong and sturdy...whew! I planted mostly red one, which I am going to use for cutting flowers. These were Winter Sowed, of course! They were the first to sprout out of all my seeds.
Last year I planted lots of Zinnia seeds in my veggie bed. They turned out to be dwarf Zinnia's so I had a very pretty veggie garden, but no cutting flowers (the stems were too short).
 Here are my gardening buddies. Scout and Finch were next to the house. I think they were tired of planting. They like to eat my veggies, but are not too interested in the planting process.
One of my favorite plants, Forget Me Nots. They have the prettiest blue which I can't seem to capture in my camera.

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