Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cairn Terrier in the Snow

We've had a lot of snow lately. We usually have one or two snowfalls, but it seems like we've had more than usual this year.
This video is Finch in the snow. Finch is a Cairn Terrier (Toto on the Wizard of Oz) and she is obsessed with any toy that she can carry around in her!
I couldn't get her to go outside to "potty", so I grabbed the frisbee and threw it into the yard.....and then I couldn't get her to come back in! If you look closely, you can see how ratty the frisbee is. For some reason she has to grab the inside of the frisbee and shake it to death. She does this with all frisbees and you can imagine my shock when I bought Finch a rubber frisbee and she managed to fold it in half! That's for a later video. :)

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TheFrogBag said...

Haha! That's adorable!