Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Cook

I decided to pull the crock pot out and make some soap today. I was pretty well stocked for several weeks, so I haven't made soap in what seemed like ages! Above is the "cook". The oils and lye/water are almost done cooking. I melted my oils on high and cooked on a low setting.
Here it is all ready to add the essential oils. This batch has Lemongrass and Basil oils. It smells divine! I waited a few minutes between turning off the crock pot and adding my essential oils.
One plus of soap making is that clean up is easy! I put the crock pot in my sink, add all my spoons, cups, and spatulas , add water and walk away!
Of course, I will have to come back and rinse everything off before I put them in the dishwasher. :)
A long shot of the finished soap. I sprinkled lemon peel on the top. It will be ready to cut in just a few hours. These will be in my shop, at Crestwood Court, in a few weeks.

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