Thursday, December 27, 2012

Schlafly Beer Soap

I haven't made a soap for men in such a long time! I have been planning this soap for about a week and today it is finally finished.

I started out with a coffee stout beer from Schlafly, and since I only had about 11 ounces, I added some strong coffee to make up the rest of the liquid needed.
 My soft oils are olive oil and castor. My hard oils are coconut, palm, shea butter, cocoa butter, and palm kernel.
My scent is essentials oils of patchouli, sandalwood, tea tree, clove, and grapefruit. It smells yummy!

 I used pringles cans for the molds. I usually use PVC pipes, but I couldn't find the lids. :(
 I lined the cans with freezer paper so they are easier to take out.
I put my goggles on and got to work!
 First I added some bentonite clay, which make great shaving soap!
 I then added my essential oils.
 It didn't take long for the soap to trace, which is what I wanted...nice and thick!
 Here are the cans full. I had some left overs so I used a heart shaped mold and this mustache mold. The soap was too thick to pour in this small mold, so I only made 3.

 Soap needs a nice warm place to saponify (turn into soap). I usually use the oven, but these won't fit. I placed the bucket of tubes inside a box and covered the box with several blankets.
I will take the soap out of the box tomorrow evening and check to see if they are ready to cut. Stay tuned!

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