Friday, April 13, 2012

Candle Making In St. Louis

 Today was candle making day and while the last batch is cooling, before pouring, I thought I would post a few pictures. Most of the candles will be going to a new shop next week. The rest will be on Etsy and a local St. Louis shop called Le Shoe (yes they sell shoes, but I have a whole section just for my bath and body products!) Today I made:
Blackberry Fizz
Green Apple Candy
Sugar Cookies
Georgia Peach

 Most of the scents are blends I put together. To say my basement smells interesting is an understatement!

The little red pitcher I purchased at Hobby Lobby last year. I am pouring (last batch) Green Candy Apple in them.

The little votive jars were bought to hold my votive candles, but my candles are too big for the container, so I am pouring the wax directly in the holders.

The last picture is the Green Apple Candy all melted and ready to pour. I am going to sprinkle candy sprinkles on the top.

Whew....I am almost done, and my feet need are killing me!

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