Friday, June 17, 2011

Tips For Etsy Sellers

I just realized that my anniversary on Etsy has passed and I have been selling for 4 years now!
I thought I would share some selling tips for those that are just starting out.
1. Pictures, pictures, pictures! I can't stress to you how important this is. Your customers can't "see" or touch your prduct, so it's your job to make your product stand out. I cringe when I see my first pictures, as I think most seller do. While I don't like my first pictures, I am amazed at how I have improved at capturing what I want my buyer to see.
This is my Dragon's Blood soap. While I love this scent, and this soap was amazing, the picture just doesn't do it any justice.
 This soap, as a buyer, appeals to me more than the first one. It's not perfect, but I am getting better.

2. Titles. I know that "Cruising through the Summer" is more appealing to a buyer than "Lemon Lime Soap", but a customer is not going to browse for "Cruising through the Summer", so you will want to make your titles direct and to the point.

3. Descriptions. Google picks up the first few sentences of your description, so this is the time to use your main key words. You will want to use key words that google picks up. For soap, I have found that the word "natural" is far more searched than the word "handmade".
After the main description, you may want to add:
* size and shape of product
* color - will the colors vary?
* how many will the buyer receive? I always include "this listing is for ________ so that the buyer is aware of how many they will receive. I like to take pictures of several soaps together, although the listing is for just one bar.
* how will it be shipped? will it come in a box? envelope?
* include a link to your shops main page. sometimes buyers will land on your page and not know how to get back to the your shop.

I hope these tips help! I dislike long posts, so I will cut this short and return later with some more tips.

Have a great weekend!

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