Monday, June 21, 2010

It's Summer in St. Louis - HOT!

I took a stroll through the yard the other day. Every day I take my two puppies, Scout and Finch, for a walk around the yard. They are only interested in finding worms to eat and catching squirrels, but I don't mind as long as they stroll with me.
I didn't winter sow as many plants this year, but I had plenty. One of my favorites are the Sunflowers! These were planted along side the house and I had to crop the picture in order to screen out the garden hose and the meter!
I start most of my plants by seed. These were planted a few years ago and I divided the plant and transplanted them into some beds we started in our front yard.
This beautiful flower is called a Brown Nose Rudebekia (I'm pretty sure..). They reseed everywhere, but I planted this bunch under our Black Oak tree. They hide the Iris that have already bloomed.
Last, but not least, is my Blanket Flower. I started this flower about 5 years ago and it has happily reseeded all over the yard. They bloom all summer!


Wonder Turtle Soaps said...

Gorgeous flowers! The Blanket Flower is so pretty. (They're all pretty!) And I love your puppies' names :)

ABreathOfFrenchAir said...

Thank you!

TheSoapSister said...

Hi! Just found your blog...I'm in the St.Louis area,too! Nice to know there's a blogging soaper so close! Your blog is really pretty -love the flower photos. (I posted some from my yard the other day! -they love this humidity, don't they?) ~Becky