Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fusion by Show Me Handmade's Opening Feb 2rd!

With less than two weeks before our soft opening, we have been busy getting Fusion by Show Me Handmade ready. After many late, late, nights, it's all coming together! Above is a picture taken late Friday night. We are filling in the colors for the leaves, which is our logo.
The same logo, although smaller, is behind the cash wrap. The cash wrap, along with most of our displays came from another shop in the mall that had closed. We "obtained" all the displays, slat walls, and anything and everything else nailed down. I love the cash wrap and especially the stainless steel top!
Here we are using an overhead projector to line up the logo over the cash wrap. In the background, you can see the slat wall progression.
Not a great picture because of all the displays pushed together, but you can see the new wall colors.
Another view of the cash wrap and the slat walls to the right.
Finished logo....almost finished...!

We are still looking for partners for Fusion by Show Me Handmade! If interested, click Fusion By SMH.

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