Thursday, August 13, 2009

I am always looking for creative ways to wrap my soap. I find it difficult to come up with wrapping that is attractive, but is also inexpensive and not time consuming. It's fun to get creative with a few soaps, but when you have to wrap lots of them, the creative part is finding a fast and cheap way to do it.
The soaps above are mine. These are round soaps that I made in a PVC pipe. They are made with beer and are geared more towards men. I wrapped the soaps with coffee filters and used a round sticker to cover where the filter gathered together.
I went browsing on Flickr and came up with some cute wrappings. Look how cute this is (above). Little bandanna's wrapped around block soap...adorable!
I love the way these soaps are wrapped. Each one comes inside a fabric bag. I like the wrapping around the bag too. I only wish I knew how to sew!
I have used these boxes, but have not wrapped my soaps. I like how each soap is wrapped in different wrapping paper. Clever!
This soap reminds me of my beer soaps. I love the color of the label and the wrapping texture!

**To find out more about these products, click on the picture.


BeadedTail said...

So many creative ways to wrap soap!

Sunbasilgarden said...

What a great post! The beer soaps look so rich wrapped in coffee filters. Who knew :)

I hear you on wrapping in bulk. The joy can quickly diminish when your wrapping hundreds.

Thanks for sharing-

Jelly Girl said...

With your French theme, you could wrap them in French newspaper...

katw0man said...

You are a genius!
Wrapping in a coffee filter!

I totally agree with you on that;
making the soaps is so much easier than finishing them off.

I was reading an interview the other day with Nostalgia and it takes her quite a bit of time to design and implement her wrappings too.

But worthwhile albeit labor-intensive.