Friday, June 26, 2009

Lip Balm Flavors - What's YOUR Favorite??

Lip Balms are one of my favorite things to use and my most hated thing to make. I love, love, lip balm, but making them is such a pain in the!
Being a "mom and pop" shop....or should I say just a "mom" shop, I have to make, label and wrap each and every lip balm. I usually make them in large batches so wrapping them is quicker....but I still hate doing them.
I just made:
Lavender Mint
Vanilla Bean
Orange Sorbet
Banana Coconut
Pink Lemonade
Marshmallow Fluff

What do YOU love to use, but hate to make??


Lady_Sudz said...

coconut banana soap!!! I add sand to it and it is a Pita!!
Love your Blog!!!

Pretty Fun said...

Mmmm... pink lemonade...

Denise said...

well I have never made lip balm but do use them, especially during the cold Maine winters. Don't like sweet but more mild fruity flavors. Subtle is good!