Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How much do you love bath and body? Now you can buy at 50% off!

Coming June 1st - A MONTH long hunting game! Every day I will "hide" a word, number, or symbol somewhere in one of my Etsy listings. I will post the "search" every day and the first person to find it in my shop will receive that item for 50% OFF! I will post the "search" during various times each day so everyone had a chance to find it. Check back every day for the new hint!
So, be sure to check out my shop at ABreathOfFrenchAir every day for fun discounts!

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NaturallyComfy said...

Hello, I have chosen your blog to receive the "Lovely Blog Award". The details are on my blog. Click the award to copy and paste to your blog. : )