Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Halloween For Your Trick Or Treaters!

These were a big hit last year, so I decided to bring them back for this Halloween season. I had mothers buy them for their kids Halloween parties, and others buy them to give out on Halloween night.
I tucked a chunk of Pumpkin Spice soap inside each little bag and tied it with a ribbon.
Inside I have some black shredded paper. I'm going to pick up some orange paper to mix it up some.


Anonymous said...

Those are too cute! What a great idea.

Cozy Cabin Creations said...

Love your shop and your blog!!!!

Toxiferous said...

Those sound wonderful! I love a good pumpkin spice scent. :)

Brandon said...

What a cool treat for those trick-or-treaters!


SewMuchDetail said...

OH my goodness, these are adorable!